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The red-carpet peel, professionally known as the ZO stimulator peel was created by Dr Zein Obagi.

ZO stimulator peel is a superficial peel that is gentle on the skin but powerful enough to provide instant changes to the appearance and texture of the skin.

The Stimulator Peel incorporates three essential formulas that prep, peel, and neutralise the skin so it looks and feels healthier without irritation or down time. The prep formula first breaks down the lipid barrier to prepare the skin for enhanced penetration of the peel into the epidermis. Next, the peel solution, which utilizes a combination of alpha hydroxy acids is applied to provide both epidermal exfoliation and renewal. Finally, a neutraliser is applied to calm and soothe the skin while restoring it back to normal pH. 

  • Stimulates epidermal turnover

  • Accelerates exfoliation

  • Evens skin tone and improves pigmentation 

  • Minimizes appearance of fine lines 

  • Leaves skin calm without irritation

Price : £75 / £95 with hydrating mask 

  • Is it painful?
    Superficial peels such as the ZO Stimulator are not usually painful. Some patients report a slight tingling sensation when the peel solution is applied but this normally subsides after a few moments.
  • Is the ZO Stimulator peel suitable for all skin types?
    ZO stimulator peels are found to be suitable for almost all skin types. During your consultation, our skin care specialists will assess your complexion and discuss your concerns to establish your suitability for treatment.
  • How long does the treatment take?
    From start to finish, this treatment takes 30-45 minutes.
  • Will the results be immediate?
    In most instances, your results should be instantly visible and your skin will appear noticeably brighter, fresher and rejuvenated. In order to maintain these improvements, we suggest that you complete a full course of treatments and keep your skin glowing by booking in for at least one peel a month.
  • What is the recovery time?
    With this superficial peel there is no down time and no peeling which makes it the perfect “lunch time” peel suitable for all skin types.


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